This site is a reference facility for the Maricopa County Community Colleges course entitled
Internet Marketing for Small Business (SBS 220):


The course focuses on e-commerce, doing business on the internet, and planning a website.

Topics include:

  • How the internet can help growth and success of business
  • Examples of successful marketing on the internet
  • Availability of internet services
  • Necessary hardware and software for marketing on the internet
  • Determining products and services appropriate for internet marketing
  • Budget constraints and on-going operations of the internet site

Official course competencies:

  1. Present an overview of the internet as a marketing tool for your business needs (I)
  2. Identify and describe regulatory and privacy issues related to the use of the internet for marketing (I)
  3. Identify and describe the variety of ways the internet may be used to meet the marketing needs of your business (II)
  4. Identify and use the criteria necessary to select the best internet service for the marketing needs of your business (III)
  5. Identify the products and services appropriate for selling on the internet and prepare an analysis of the existing competition for these products and services (IV)
  6. Develop strategies for marketing your products and services on the internet (IV)
  7. Determine the technology (hardware, software, telecom, etc) necessary to establish a website for your business (V)
  8. identify and describe the steps necessary to complete the programming and make the site operational (VI)
  9. Establish a budget to include projected dollars from sales, start-up costs, on-going operations costs, administrative and personnel costs, and marketing costs (VII)

Delivery method:

  • Classroom format
  • Includes class participation
  • Exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Review of local businesses’ websites


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