I. Overview of the internet

A. Internet: the big picture

1. Informational library

2. e-Commerce

B: Internet: regulatory issues

1. Privacy and protection of information

2. Laws and regulations

3. Domain name registrations

II. Uses of the internet

A. Information purposes

B. Selling products on-line

C. Communicating with customers

D. Establishing pricing levels for products and services

E. Auctioning products and services

F. Testing product popularity

III. Selection of an internet service

A. Cost versus types of services available

B. Technology available

C. Speed of service

D. Customer services provided

IV. Selling products on the internet

A. Selecting products and services for sale

B. Consideration of new products and services for sale

C. Analysis of competition

D. Marketing strategies for internet sales

V. Technology for internet business

A. Selection of hardware

B. Telecommunication lines

C. Selection of software

VI. Setting up the internet website

A. Designing the web-page

B. Programming the software

1. Time

2. Cost

C. Input of information

D. Determining on-going operational needs

VII. Establishing a budget

A. Start-up costs

B. Projected dollars from internet sales

C. On-going operational costs

1. Administrative

2. Personnel

3. Marketing

VIII. Additional areas:

. Email

. Web 2.0/Social Media

. Cloud

. Mobile

. Search Engine Optimization



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